Long-term football bets

Long-term bets are bets where the result would usually take a long time (over a week) to become known.

Classic examples of this are football bets on ‘Who is going to be the German champion?’, ‘Who will win the DFB Cup?’, ‘Who will be champion / champions?’, ‘Who will get the Champions League, the UEFA Cup, FA Cup? etc. ‘index

Long-term bets do not have the high voltage effect and that irritates many fans at Sports Betting, when otherwise you can share the excitement in a game; but, on the other hand, with long-term bets enormously high rates – and thus profits – can be achieved.

The best time for long-term bets is the time just ahead of a season or a tournament (the World Cup, the European Championships), when you have to look at the clubs or national teams very carefully – who has increased in strength or has been developing well? Who might have long-term injuries, or promising talent; which teams have lost important players? And then, you are going to have your own estimates to compare with those of the bookmakers.

indexThere is little value to place all bets on high favorites. Rather, one must try to grab the chance to find up-and-coming outsiders who are to be underestimated by the bookmakers.
To give you an example, we ourselves had placed bets before the 2003/04 season on the Bundesliga champions Bremen and Leverkusen – the rate was for both 35.0. So we have for 2×50 euro, as Werder became in fact the German champion, received 1,750 euro.

indexOnly after several game days are over, can you better assess the clubs, but then already, of course, the rate drops accordingly.

For international competitions you can often enter, even after the beginning of the betting event, not quite so very well, because here the bookies believe mostly in the big favorites Real Madrid, Manchester United, Brazil or France until the very end.

If you believe in an outsider – use your chance!

Currently, of course, are long-term bets – bets on the masters in the Bundesleague – quite in demand. For a master bet on Bayern, currently available at Bet365, the highest rate is (1.62). Borussia Dortmund (BVB) also counts as a great name among the favorites and will do everything to defend the title. – The best odds of Borussia Dortmund are about 6.00 with Sportingbet and William Hill, and for Bayer Leverkusen – as a master’s odds – at Sportingbet: 15.0. Bet365 keeps ready a very good rate of 81.0 on one of the great mavericks Hannover 96.